What Every Industrial Manufacturing and Production Facility Needs

Some industrial manufacturing and production facilities think that commercial cleaning is more for executive offices and not as beneficial for them. Sure, industrial buildings may not have as many carpeted cubicle areas, conference rooms, and office spaces that needed help cleaning, but every facility has walls, high ceilings, and rafters that are often neglected. These areas that accumulate large quantities of dust and debris are the leading cause of poor indoor air quality, which can increase illness, allergies, and overall health in the workplace.

People tend to focus on the floors and other surfaces, but if you ever look up at the ceiling and rafter areas of an industrial building, chances are there will be dust, mold, and other contaminants stuck to the surfaces and vents. These areas are especially vulnerable because walls and ceilings often have a textured quality, allowing dirt and dust to stick to the surfaces.

What you often don’t see or think about is the air that is circulating the entire commercial facility. Imagine the layers upon layers of dust and pollutants that have settled within the ducts, on ceiling fans, and on rafters. Unless you get high-rise cleaning help, they are not going anywhere but around the entire facility, which means all of your workers are exposed to unhealthy, low quality air. The high up dust and debris also pose a risk to the machinery in the facility, as particles fall from above and settle into crevices and other mechanics.

A certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc., which serves the eastern Massachusetts area, offers a variety of cleaning needs including high-rise cleaning. The well-trained staff, modern equipment, and use of superior cleaning products like those from Spartan Chemicals mean that facilities have only the best to look forward to when it comes to letting the pros take over cleaning duty. We can help with the hard-to-reach areas, as well general maintenance of your facility and offer 24/7 client support for emergencies and restorations. Contact us at our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote and to get the high-rise cleanings your industrial facility needs!