Why High Rise Cleaning is Important

Cleaning floors and carpets and eye-level surfaces are easy to accomplish, but what about ceilings, windows and walls that are way beyond reach? For many manufacturing and production facilities, high-rise ceilings are the norm to accommodate large machinery, and often these areas can get neglected. You may think that no one really looks up or can see the dust and grime that accumulate up there, but the truth is that what is left unclean can make its way down and affect the health and productivity of the work environment.

Lots of particles from the manufacturing and production process can get stuck on ceilings, fans, vents, ducts, and HVAC systems. Leaving these areas unclean can:

  • Leave an unattractive residue on surfaces, creating an unkempt appearance
  • Lead to particles falling into workers’ eyes, machinery, products, vents, and floors
  • Lead to unnecessary damage on windows, walls
  • Clog machinery and HVAC systems and make them less effective
  • Slow down fans
  • Contaminate products
  • Create a poor indoor air quality and affect worker health

No matter how much you keep the floors and other areas clean, not addressing what accumulates high up in your facility can lead to decreased productivity and health.

The solution? Hire a certified commercial cleaning company that has the necessary equipment and expertise to clean from the ceiling to the floors, leaving a healthier and cleaner facility.

New England Cleaning Services, Inc. (NECS) of Waltham, MA has the necessary training and tools to accomplish a thorough, safe cleaning of high-rise facilities. NECS provides regular cleanings for ceilings, beams, vents, ducts, pipes, lights, HVAC systems, and walls in hard-to-reach areas.

In addition, NECS provides a variety of other cleaning services such as 24/7 emergency and restoration services for unforeseen situations like water leaks and fire damage, as well as project services like concrete refinishing, pressure washing, and post-construction cleanups. We help executive office spaces, medical facilities, controlled environments, and industrial facilities with high quality and reliable cleaning. Our services span across eastern Massachusetts including Woburn and Lexington areas, as well as the entire New England area for concrete refinishing services. For a free quote, please contact us at (781) 890-2000 today!