Benefits of Summer Carpet Cleaning

While many people are already in summer mode, did you know June 21stmarked the official start of the season? It is usually one of the more celebrated seasons of the year, with times for vacations, outdoor events, and gatherings. For some businesses, there’s some downtime and an opportunity to get necessary projects done, while for others, it’s the busiest time of year. No matter which category your commercial businesses falls into, there are many reasons to get your carpets cleaned over the summer! New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is here to assist you in all of your carpet cleaning needs!

Summer Carpet Cleaning Benefits

  • Clear out the allergy season – The spring season was full of pollen, dust, and other contaminants that wreak havoc particularly on allergy-sufferers, and carpets can act as a filter for the air, clinging to these small particles. Being proactive about your carpets now means you are clearing out all of the contaminants and other buildups from the last season to start the summer with a fresh start.
  • Improve air quality – Carpets aren’t the first thing people think of when it comes to indoor air quality, but the truth is, carpets can be responsible for so many health issues like asthma, allergies, and general illness because the dust, debris, and mold are deep down in the carpet fibers and contaminating the circulating air. Clean carpets = cleaner air.
  • Quick drying – The summers in New England are typically warm and dry, which means that any shampooing done on your commercial carpets will dry more quickly compared to other more wet seasons. We utilize low-moisture shampooing to begin with, so downtime is minimal if it’s completed in the summer!
  • Preparation for a busy end of the year – The fall and winter seasons are filled with holidays that can often take time away from special projects like carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure-washing, etc., so doing it over the summer guarantees a clean and aesthetically pleasing floor that will last. Having freshly-cleaned carpets are especially relevant for educational institutions like schools and daycares as they welcome new students in the fall.
  • Scheduling ease – If your commercial business sees some downtime in the summer, scheduling a carpet cleaning is going to be much easier if you have some flexibility and less foot traffic.

Even if you think your carpets look clean, chances are they are not! Our cleaning professionals at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. have spent 40 years restoring and cleaning all kinds of carpeting and take the health and safety of our clients seriously. Our top-notch equipment and trained staff will ensure that your commercial facility is cleaned according to your specific cleaning needs. Whether it’s general routine cleanings for your executive office, industrial building or medical facility, or an emergency clean up and restoration for a water leak, we are here to help! If you are in the eastern Massachusetts area and need cleaning assistance or guidance, please contact us online or call our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000. We look forward to serving you.