Our Promise

QualityBadge-Blue1NECS provides commercial cleaning services to customers who demand the highest level of appearance and cleanliness in their work environment, from real estate developers to biotech engineering firms. Every day we strive to not just meet but exceed their requirements and expectations.

NECS understands that despite substantial investment in our personnel recruitment and training, supplies, equipment, and procedures, there is always the potential for error. We are only human after all. Given that, NECS is committed to customer satisfaction, and we promise to provide the highest level of service possible and to respond to our clients requests with a response system that is second to none.

If one of our clients finds an error, imperfection, or omission in our service, we immediately dispatch both an Area Supervisor and the required service personnel to the client site to correct the problem. But we don’t stop there. We also determine the cause and devise a remedy to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. The remedy is then added into our standard operating procedure and training guides for that client. Finally, we contact the customer again to make sure all issues are fully resolved. We take our commitment and promise to our customers very seriously.

Blue and Yellow Hallways

Some of Our Clients

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