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NECS specializes in cleaning controlled environments, including ISO Class 10 through Class 100,000 clean rooms. Our technicians are equipped and trained to handle all the cleaning needs of a controlled environment, including:

  • Floor Maintenance
  • Terminal Cleaning of Surgical Suites
  • Initial Certification Start-up Cleaning
  • Restoration Procedures
  • Checklist Programs for Easy Auditing
  • Daily Cleaning Programs
  • AntiStatic Floor Maintenance
  • Biowaste Handling
  • Incubator Cleaning Services

NECS also provides various clean room supplies, including:

  • Containment Control Mats
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Emergency Air Filtration Units


Our service technicians use the most advanced equipment in the industry to achieve the best results, including:

  • Hepa Vacs
  • Lint-Free Wipes
  • Microfiber Mops
  • Triple Bucket Mop Systems
  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
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