Executive Office Spaces

Office Space Cleaning Executive office space is the headquarters of your business, where your clients have their first impressions and the space where tenants and employees, who only deserve the best environment possible, come every day to work. Numerous studies have found that having a clean working environment where all of the hard work and innovation happens, promotes productivity and efficiency. It is also the environment in which you meet with business associates and clients, whom you want to make feel welcome into a clean and inviting space. A clean environment feels hospitable and has an impact on your reputation as a whole.

NECS offers general building cleaning services on a contractual basis. Our services include:

  • Floor and Wall Cleaning
  • Vacuum Carpets
  • Dusting Surfaces
  • Restroom Cleaning and Restocking
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Vents and Diffuser Cleaning
  • Project Cleaning and Special Services
  • Sweeping/Vacuuming and Washing Hard Surface Floors
  • Spray Buffing and High Speed Burnishing Tile Floors