Concrete Refinishing

Concrete Refinishing Process
Concrete has become a popular flooring choice in commercial buildings. With its bold look and environmentally friendly application, cleaning contractors must know how to polish and maintain concrete flooring. Your unfinished concrete floor could be a centerpiece of the building, showing the natural beauty, along with being a highly durable surface. NECS specializes in grinding, polishing, and maintaining concrete flooring.

What happens during concrete refinishing?

  • The first step in the refinishing process is grinding the top layer of the concrete to remove unevenness, imperfections and the soft layer of the floor known as cement paste. This process is done using floor grinders with rotating coarse metal bond diamond discs.
  • After grinding is complete, floor is stained and densified to harden floor.
  • The next step is to polish the floors to achieve a shine using finer diamond abrasives. Flooring gloss can be customized to specific needs of the facility.
  • After desired gloss level is achieved, floor is sealed to prevent staining and burnished to promote adhesion.
  • High powered HEPA vacuums are used throughout the process to eliminate excessive dust as well as for a thorough cleanup.

Refinishing Concrete

When you think of concrete, you may think of sidewalks, driveways, and large industrial spaces, but it is actually a popular and versatile flooring for indoor spaces as well. It is inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, easy to maintain, and can last a long time, so many facilities are choosing concrete as their flooring. Refinishing concrete floors in both old and new buildings can dramatically change the look and feel of a space. New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ is trained and experienced in all aspects of concrete floor maintenance and refinishing to create a polished, new look.

New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ has all of the necessary equipment and supplies to handle all types of floor maintenance and cleaning. We work closely with facilities to ensure that the process is done in an effective, safe, and satisfying manner and provide 24/7 client support. We use advanced equipment that is efficient and also effective in keeping dust levels minimal.

New England Cleaning Services offers concrete refinishing in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Before & After Gallery



Before Concrete Grinding

Concrete Before

After Concrete Grinding

Concrete After



A successful ​concrete refinishing ​job done by Victor and his Special Services team! Starting with a 30​-​grit diamond blade pad to level and grind the concrete​,​ ​we ​slowly increas​e​ the level of grit ​and​ finish​ ​with an 800​-​grit diamond blade pad ​that ​will give the concrete a natural shine. ​We then us​e a​ densifier to harden the concrete to its strongest state​ and​ apply a protective clear coat to give the appearance of a deep shine.


Final product applied with densifier and protective clear coat