Signs Your Floors Need Concrete Refinishing

Your commercial facility probably sees a lot of foot traffic, whether it’s a medical office, executive office space, or a manufacturing or production facility. For the latter, heavy machinery may also be going in and out, all of which can wreak havoc on your concrete floors. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your […]

Benefits of Rocking Concrete

Choosing the floors of your commercial facility is an important step in deciding the overall look for your interior. Office spaces, medical facilities, and industrial spaces have wide open areas where the flooring material you go with can drastically alter the feel and look. While people often think of concrete as the material for sidewalks […]

Repairing Cracks the Right Way

Concrete may not be the first material to come to mind when it comes to flooring, but it is a durable and versatile material that has risen in popularity especially in commercial facilities. From executive officesto industrial buildingsand medical facilities, maintaining a clean, smooth and aesthetically pleasing concrete floor is important for safety and company […]