Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet appearance is a critical aspect in the general appearance of any building or space. Daily vacuuming and carpet cleaning is necessary, but periodic restorative services are also very important in maintaining clean carpets. NECS specializes in the restoration and maintenance of all types of carpets, using the newest tools and techniques to restore carpets to a high level. NECS uses low moisture carpet shampooing to allow for minimal downtime also reducing the amount of waste water produced; this supports a healthy indoor environment for building occupants. This low moisture carpet cleaning system uses ten (10x) less water, reducing the possibility of over wetting a carpet. Also, having dry carpets reduce the possibility that re-soiling will occur. Re-soiling occurs when carpets are left damp; the chemicals and water used will act as a magnet to attract more dirt, soiling the carpet pile soon after it has been cleaned. NECS is also one of the few contractors using methods approved by the Carpet And Rug Institute.

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