4 Ways Commercial Cleaning Can Save You Money

When you consider hiring a commercial cleaning company for the cleaning and upkeep of your business, it can be easy to focus on the potential of upfront financial costs. However, there are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company, the most convincing of which is probably that in the long-run, it can actually be […]

Importance of Cleaning Manufacturing Facilities

We all know a clean workplace is important, but your type of business facility can greatly alter your cleaning needs. Manufacturing facilities add a unique challenge to commercial cleaning companies as they house sensitive materials, equipment, and processes that need to be highly regulated and cleaned efficiently. Maintaining a clean manufacturing facility can not only […]

The Truth About HVAC Cleaning

Properly running the HVAC system in your commercial facility is a high priority for business owners and managers, especially in the hot summer months in the New England area. However, what you may thinkare the best methods of maintaining your HVAC system may actually be based on circulating misconceptions, so we want to make sure […]

Facts to Know About Mold

How much do you really know about mold? It grows, and it’s usually not a good sign, especially if you see it somewhere in your commercial facility. Mold and cleaning are typically on opposing forces, so everyone at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. understands what it takes to eliminate this often stubborn and tricky problem. […]

What To Do For Commercial Fire Damage

It’s a situation no business owner or manager wants to experience: a fire, which usually leaves a disastrous mess with charred, black, smokey areas, and even water damage. This type of disruption can hinder your business in a significant way, so it is even more important to act quickly and call for help as soon […]

Top 4 Areas to Improve For Your Business This Summer

Summer’s in full swing in the New England area, which means a time to enjoy the warm weather, beaches, and outdoor events that flourish. For commercial businesses, the summer season can present some challenges to maintain high levels of organization and cleanliness. The call for summer fun is strong, so employees tend to be more […]

Signs Your Floors Need Concrete Refinishing

Your commercial facility probably sees a lot of foot traffic, whether it’s a medical office, executive office space, or a manufacturing or production facility. For the latter, heavy machinery may also be going in and out, all of which can wreak havoc on your concrete floors. Regular maintenance is an important part of keeping your […]

Disadvantages to Cleaning Your Own Business

While you may get buried in the day-to-day business of running a business or managing a commercial facility, keeping it safe and clean is a standard that should not be compromised. Unclean facilities can quickly create hazardous situations, leading to slip-and-fall injuries, back injuries, and increased health risks, all of which are important to avoid! […]

Benefits of Summer Carpet Cleaning

While many people are already in summer mode, did you know June 21stmarked the official start of the season? It is usually one of the more celebrated seasons of the year, with times for vacations, outdoor events, and gatherings. For some businesses, there’s some downtime and an opportunity to get necessary projects done, while for […]

How Clean is Your Cleanroom?

Maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your commercial business is a given, but when it comes to cleanrooms or controlled environments, the stakes are suddenly much higher and cleanliness is an absolute requirement. Compared to an office space, or even a manufacturing and production facility, controlled environments require specialized cleaning and an attention to […]