Is Your Commercial Facility Ready for a Party?

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Pumpkins, ghosts, witches oh my! It’s that time of year when your employees look forward to dressing up in costumes and consume maybe a few too many pieces of candy at your office Halloween party! If you’re like many businesses that take the opportunity to celebrate, your commercial facility is going to be in some serious need for cleaning.

Here are the top ways a certified commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. can help you best clean up after these potentially sticky messes!

The areas they will likely focus on include:

  • Party room– What is a party without food and drinks to share? Whether it’s in the conference room, a shared kitchen space or the reception area, having food and drinks increases the likelihood of accidental messes. A simple wipe-down is often not enough to make sure the surfaces are not only clean but also sanitary. A cleaning company has the right supplies to remove the stickiness, stains, and other debris from tables, chairs, and floors that may have missed the garbage can.
  • Carpet cleaning– There are often many open cups at a party, some of which are bound to spill. Take this opportunity to do a thorough cleaning of your carpet floors so that you can remove unwanted stains and pollutants that have settled in the fibers, which will also improve the indoor air quality of your facility.
  • Surface cleaning– A large number of people gathered in an area results in the majority of surfaces touched by unclean hands. Door knobs, chairs, trash cans, and sinks are all hot spots for bacteria and other pathogens to grow. The professional cleaning staff make it their priority to tackle high-touch areas to minimize potential sickness and contamination in the workplace.
  • Window cleaning– Halloween, Thanksgiving, Channukah, Kwanza, Christmas… The list of holidays coming up in the next few months are long and the number of decorations on the windows and walls of your facility may be high as well. Don’t let the cobwebs of Halloween stay, as they can contribute to the decline of indoor air quality and an increase in health issues of employees and visitors. The exterior of windows can also get cloudy from the smog, leaves, and debris from the outside, so get both sides cleaned!
  • Prepare high traffic areas– Entryways, hallways, and bathrooms are all places with higher risks of slips and falls. Prepare these areas with entry mats to reduce injuries and tracking of outside dirt and debris.

The next few months are typically a busy time of year for many commercial facilities. Don’t let the cleanliness and safety of your facility fall through the cracks. With the help of a certified cleaning company, you can stay on task with planning and enjoying business events, and not every worry about clean up! Our office in Waltham, MA serves commercial facilities including office spaces, medical facilities, controlled environments, and industrial facilities in the eastern Massachusetts area. Contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc. online or call (781)890-2000 to request a quote today!