Commercial Cleaning For Your Surgical Suite

medical commercial cleaning

When you think about an operating room, the first word you would probably use to describe it is “sterile” or “clean.” Considering that it is the place where surgeons treat patients’ medical issues through incisions in the body, that is precisely what it should be. For a medical facility, it is imperative that these surgical […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Facility Safe

commercial cleaning

The fall season is arguably one of the best seasons in the New England area (think: beautiful foliage, apple picking, apple cider donuts, pumpkin everything)! But with the new season comes a few safety risks for commercial facilities that can lead to serious consequences and injuries. The most common injuries in the fall are, well, […]

Preparing for Fall Commercial Cleaning

fall commercial cleaning

With the first day of fall officially behind us, the New England area is seeing a shift in weather and building needs. As the outdoor temperatures drop and the leaves start to fall, commercial facilities will need to address these changes and plan accordingly. Managing the maintenance and cleanliness of your facility alone can be […]