Keeping Your Ducts In a Row: 5 Signs Your HVAC Needs Cleaning

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The National Weather Service issued an excessive heat watch for the eastern Massachusetts area during the last week of August, which means that summer temperatures are still going strong! With temperatures still so high, having properly functioning air conditioning is an ongoing necessity for commercial facilities.

Preventing issues with clean air ducts

In order for a smooth operating HVAC system, you need clean air ducts to carry the filtered air through your commercial space. Over time, fine dust collects on the filters, coils, vents, and other air duct surfaces. These small particles can cause your HVAC system to lose efficiency. Their presence also means that the indoor air quality of your facility is negatively affected. In order to prevent these issues, checking your air ducts and maintaining their cleanliness is important.

5 Signs to look for

  • High energy bills: If your energy bills jump higher without explanation, there may be clogging or leaking in your ducts.
  • Excessive debris or dirt: If you see any dirt or debris around your vents, it is definitely time for a thorough clean. Clogged ducts mean that your HVAC system has to expend more energy to push air through.
  • Unexplained health issues: If health issues, especially allergies or respiratory problems increase, the quality of air circulating through the environment is a probable culprit. The cleaner the ducts, the cleaner the air you breathe!
  • Pest infestation: Any signs of insects or rodents is potential for harmful microorganisms that could result in illness. Reach out for help immediately to get the system cleaned to clear out any feces, dead matter, shells, and husks.
  • Visible mold growth: Mold is known to cause a whole host of health problems, including allergies, eye and throat irritation, respiratory issues, and skin reactions.

Taking care of your air ducts means that you will increase the efficiency and longevity or your HVAC system, which also means a healthier work environment and fewer expenses on repairs.

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