Improving Efficiency in Your Office Space

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It’s a pretty obvious fact that commercial facilities use energy to operate their businesses. But did you know that the average commercial facility wastes 30% of their consumed energy? For large commercial buildings like executive office spaces, that 30% can translate to a large cost. In fact, commercial businesses in the United States lose 40 billion dollars each year to inefficient energy usage.

Areas to reduce energy costs

It might seem like a daunting task to reduce your energy usage, but there are simple ways that you can achieve more efficient energy usage in your office space. The top three areas that can be improved to result in cost savings are:

  • HVAC systems: Space heating is the highest contributor to wasted energy costs. The New England area experiences long, cold winters that require heating, so taking measures like adjusting thermostats to seasonally appropriate temperatures, moving furniture away from vents, and properly maintaining your HVAC systems with routine cleaning can all contribute to lower energy use.
  • Lighting: Have you ever seen completely empty office buildings at night with their lights turned on? There’s no surprise that keeping lights on at night will greatly impact your energy usage. Being conscientious of turning off unused lights, as well as taking advantage of natural light during the day can help reduce your costs. One way to achieve a brighter indoor office space is to make sure your windows get regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Equipment: There’s a lot of equipment housed inside of executive office spaces. If you have particular old models or multiple machines serving the same tasks, it might be worth updating and/or consolidating. Keeping machines in “sleep” modes when not in use is another way of reducing unnecessary costs. Another key component is to keep them clean and free of debris and dust.

Let us help!

No matter how you choose to tackle your energy use dilemma, maintaining a clean office space will help you achieve your goals.New England Cleaning Services, Inc., a commercial cleaning company based in Waltham, MA, can help your executive office meet all of your cleaning needs, whether it’s keeping your HVAC system in check, brightening your windows, or improving your indoor air quality. Our cleaning services span across the eastern Massachusetts area, including the greater Boston area, Metrowest, North Shore, South Shore, and Watertown). Contact us online or call us at (781)890-2000 for a free quote today!