Disadvantages to Cleaning Your Own Business

While you may get buried in the day-to-day business of running a business or managing a commercial facility, keeping it safe and clean is a standard that should not be compromised. Unclean facilities can quickly create hazardous situations, leading to slip-and-fall injuries, back injuries, and increased health risks, all of which are important to avoid! It may seem reasonable to assign cleaning tasks to your own employees, but there are many risks and liabilities associated with having them be responsible for the cleanliness and safety of the facility!

OSHA Compliance

Compare the cleaning abilities of one of your own employees (let’s say, an office worker) and a highly-trained cleaning professional with years of experience under his or her belt. Naturally, the results will be vastly different, which can pose a problem when an inspector from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows up at your business. Also, many commercial facilities like controlled environments and manufacturing and production facilities may require specialized cleaning chemicals that can be harmful without the proper knowledge to handle, use, and store them. These risks are why OSHA requires diligent labeling, scheduling, and maintenance to ensure the buildings are safe for everyone.

Personal Protective Equipment

As mentioned above, when it comes to hazardous chemicals and materials, protecting oneself is important to prevent risks to your health. Commercial cleaning professionals have and regularly use the proper safety gear and can guarantee that no harmful fumes are created through the improper use of cleaning chemicals.

Liability for Injuries

Did you know that custodial employees can get injured while working twice as much as employees from other industries? You need to consider the liability issues that could arise if your own employee, or worse a visitor of your facility, sustains an injury. Hiring a commercial cleaning company will ensure that all safety measures are taken and the proper signage is posted and that all personnel would be covered by their cleaning company’s liability insurance.

Decreased Productivity

If you are taking valuable time away from one of your employees to perform cleaning tasks, you are decreasing worker productivity and morale. Not only do they not perform the cleaning at the same level as professionals, but they also do not finish their critical tasks as an employee at your business.

Take Action

Many companies hire full-time custodians to handle their cleaning needs, but the truth is the overhead costs are typically high since they require more than just their salary to complete their tasks. Don’t risk spending too much and incurring the above issues; instead, outsource your cleaning needs to a qualified commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. We provide generalspecialized, and emergency cleaning services to a wide area in the eastern Massachusetts area (greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Woburn, Waltham). Contact us at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote, and let us get the cleaning started!