Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Really Green?

With Earth Day behind us, many businesses, including ours at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. have a renewed commitment to providing environmentally conscious services to customers and communities. The benefits and demands of using environmentally-friendly products and practices are increasingly high, with good reason, so many businesses are making the Earth-friendly switch. For commercial cleaning companies, it’s easy to slap on buzzwords like “green” and “eco-friendly” to attract clients, but there can be a wide range in the quality of services with those claims. If you are unsure how green your commercial cleaning company is, it’s a great opportunity to do some investigating to find out if they match the following criteria!

A high-quality green cleaning commercial cleaning company:

  • Has a Green Service Program that is dedicated to improving practices to reduce the company’s environmental footprint including decreasing waste, increasing recycling, and reducing energy usage.
  • Provides and uses products that minimize environmental impacts like biodegradable products and recycled materials.
  • Has a well documented green cleaning policy in place with appropriate training provided to their staff.
  • Uses products that are Green Seal Certified– a non-profit organization that certifies products and companies using science-based rigorous criteria to promote sustainability and to protect nature and human health.
  • Takes safety and health into serious consideration, always aiming to improve indoor air quality and minimize health risks associated with cleaning products.
  • Has certifications and approvals from third-party organizations like Green Seal and the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Will provide confirmation and proper documentation about their green cleaning policies to best suit your commercial facility.

Instilling a sustainable and green practice at your commercial facility will reap many benefits, including the improved health of workers leading to greater productivity, better indoor air quality, and the sense of community and comradery to better the business and the environment!

If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced commercial cleaning company to take on the task of cleaning and maintaining your executive office, medical facility, controlled environment, or industrial facility, contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc. for a free quote today! In addition to our complimentary Green Service Program, we offer 24/7 client services, as well as emergency and restoration services. We provide services in the eastern Massachusetts area (Boston, Watertown, Woburn, Lexington, Bedford). Call us at our Waltham, MA office or contact us online today!