How Commercial Cleaning Improves Mental Health

It looks like Spring has finally decided to come to the Massachusetts area! With warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers, and a renewed energy comes a tradition that is reflective of this new season: Spring cleaning.

There’s a reason why scrolling through pictures of perfectly-organized workspaces and kitchens, tips to achieve that minimalist house and how-tos on decluttering is so satisfying. There are actual studies done at Indiana and Princeton University that prove that people who live in unorganized, cluttered homes are likelier to be less healthy, experience more stress, and have difficulty focusing on tasks than those who live in clean homes.

Although spring cleaning typically refers to homes, it is no surprise then that it is equally as important and beneficial for commercial facilities. Cleaning your office, medical facility, controlled environments and industrial buildings not only serves to create a more organized, sanitary environment, but it also has a powerful effect on your mental health.

Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, all of us at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. think it is the perfect opportunity to see how cleaning can have a positive impact on everyone’s mental health.

So why is cleaning so positive for you?

  • Cleaning leads to less clutter, which helps give those with work desks a bigger and better surface to work on. Making decisions on keeping, recycling or trashing items around you usually means you will end up with fewer things.
  • Cleaning leads to organization. Taking the items you have left and being deliberate with where you place them is a satisfying process in itself.
  • Cleaning makes you more productive. A cleaner workspace means a cleaner, more relaxed mind to help you tackle the tasks and goals you have set for yourself.
  • Cleaning leads to tangible results. For many of us, anxiety can get in the way of accomplishing the long list of to-do’s because we get overwhelmed by the physical mess in front of us. Cleaning can physically change what we see and allow us to be comforted by the progress we make.
  • Cleaning reduces stress. Your job can be stressful at times so it’s important to take steps in minimizing the amount of stress you feel in your work environment. Sometimes just approaching a clean, good-smelling, and organized workstation is all it takes to start the day in a positive mental place.

Cleaning a home with your family is one thing, cleaning an entire commercial facility is another. Reduce yourstress and anxiety from the get-go by hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. Based in Waltham, MA and extending cleaning and concrete refinishing services to the surrounding Eastern Massachusetts and the entire New England area, we know how to create a clean and organized environment for each of our clients. Contact us online or at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote today and get started on spring cleaning!