School Is Out! Cleaning Is In!

While students and faculty in the Massachusetts area are celebrating the start of the long anticipated summer recess, all of us at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. are buckling down to get down to business. That’s because the summer is prime time to deep clean and address issues at school while students and staff are […]

FAQs of Commercial Cleaning

Spring is in full swing, which means an opportunity to freshen up the decor and interior of your executive office space, medical office, educational facility or other commercial facilities. The first step for a makeover of your space is to do some decluttering and organizing, after which you can delve into the cleaning to achieve […]

Helping Employees Stay Healthy and Fit

It’s not always easy to prioritize your body’s health when you are busy and working each day, but there’s overwhelming evidence that incorporating exercise and fitness into your daily routine is beneficial in many ways. More and more businesses are making efforts to make fitness accessible for their employees, and one of the ways businesses […]

How Commercial Cleaning Improves Mental Health

It looks like Spring has finally decided to come to the Massachusetts area! With warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers, and a renewed energy comes a tradition that is reflective of this new season: Spring cleaning. There’s a reason why scrolling through pictures of perfectly-organized workspaces and kitchens, tips to achieve that minimalist house and how-tos on […]

Is Your Commercial Cleaning Company Really Green?

With Earth Day behind us, many businesses, including ours at New England Cleaning Services, Inc. have a renewed commitment to providing environmentally conscious services to customers and communities. The benefits and demands of using environmentally-friendly products and practices are increasingly high, with good reason, so many businesses are making the Earth-friendly switch. For commercial cleaning […]