Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

It’s easy to assume that the carpets in your commercial facility are clean as long as they look clean. But the truth is, they most likely have accumulated dirt, dust, dander, mold and other contaminants and need more than just vacuuming. In fact, by the time you can notice that a carpet is dirty, a lot of damage has been done and you’re in desperate need of a professional commercial cleaning company to clean it! While vacuuming yourself may seem like an easy solution, there are many benefits to hiring a professional company to handle carpet cleaning.

  1. Improves room appearance: A proper cleaning of carpeting will transform the look of your carpets and instantly brighten the look of a room. It’s amazing what a clean carpet can do to enhance a space.
  2. Efficient in removing dirt and bacteria: A regular vacuum may remove large bits of debris and dirt, but cannot get the particles that are lodged deep in the carpet fibers. A professional cleaning, though, is powerful enough to remove them and get rid of unwanted stains and smells.
  3. Improves indoor air quality: Carpets can be a breeding ground for all sorts of pollutants which get released into the atmosphere. In an indoor commercial facility, the air that is circulated can be contaminated by a dirty carpet, creating an unhealthy work environment. A professional company has specialized carpet shampoo to thoroughly clean the fibers so that your commercial facility’s flooring and air is as healthy as possible!
  4. Prevention of dust mites: Dust mites are microscopic organisms that are notorious for surviving in areas that we cannot see. Their presence often exacerbates those with allergies and other health problems, so keeping them away through proper cleaning will not only help the carpets but also improve the health of workers.
  5. Improves longevity: Dirt, bacteria and other debris all break down the carpet fibers over time. Keeping them properly maintained and clean helps to keep floors visibly appealing and will help them last longer.
  6. Prevention of mold: A damp and dark environment is a perfect environment for mold to grow, so if a spill or water leak reaches the carpet, it is essential to have a professional address the situation to prevent mold growth. During this time of year when snowfall is common and people are tracking in wetness into facilities, keeping carpeted areas clean and dry is especially important for minimizing health risks associated with mold.

The New England winters can be tough on carpets, but luckily New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is ready to help! We have over 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry and have helped maintain and clean executive office buildings, medical facilities, controlled environments and industrial facilities. Whether you need regular deep cleanings of your carpets, emergency and restoration, concrete refinishing, or help with snow shoveling, we are equipped with advanced equipment and knowledge to deliver high quality results. Contact our office serving the eastern Massachusetts area in Waltham, MA office at (781)890-2000. Please call us today for a free estimate!