Clearing Snow for Your Commercial Facility

The New England area has started off 2018 with record breaking cold temperatures and even a “bomb cyclone” that brought many inches of snow. While snow is nothing new in the area, the combination of low temperatures, wind, and snow makes for very brutal conditions. Some may frolic and make snow angels to take advantage of fresh snowfall, but when you are a business owner or manager, you have to think about the aftermath of snow being dumped on and around your facility.

Since snow shoveling and plowing is not a daily maintenance issue, many commercial businesses fail to set up plans before snow is already piling up on roofs, sidewalks and parking lots. Unfortunately, when it comes to shoveling, time is of the essence because subzero temperatures quickly transform the soft, fluffy snow into solid icy blocks, creating a hazardous situation around your business.

So what should you do?

The requirements of a business for clearing snow are as follows:

  • Clear all sidewalks and curbs adjacent to your business
  • Have a path wide enough for wheelchairs and strollers (42 inches)
  • Clear snow within 3 hours of snow stopping, or sunrise if it’s in the middle of the night

For a commercial facility, failure to clear snow properly can result in $200 fines. We know that the last thing you want to do after a winter snowstorm is to have to shovel your commercial facilities yourself (which is a dangerous feat to begin with!) or get fined, so plan ahead and have your trusted commercial cleaning company handle the snow as well!

New England Cleaning Services, Inc., which serves the eastern Massachusetts area, not only provides a wide variety of cleaning services for the inside of your commercial facility, but also helps maintain the outside, no matter the weather. We provide snow removal services, from hand shoveling to snow plowing, to ensure that sidewalks, entrances, and parking areas of your buildings are clear and safe. Contact us online or at our Waltham, MA office at (781)890-2000 for a free estimate, and while you’re at it, ask about setting up routine cleanings for your facility too!