Is it Time to Break Up With Your Cleaning Company?

Are you considering switching your commercial cleaning company? Maybe you were happy about the results at first, but lately you’ve been noticing inconsistencies, or they recently changed prices for their services. Whatever the reason, if you have any doubt or lack of confidence in the cleaning company for your commercial facility, it may be time to say goodbye and search for a new one.

Here are the top 5 reasons to break it off with your commercial cleaning company:

  1. Inconsistent service – They may have had impressive results at first, but if you’re noticing unfinished or mediocre cleaning after they’ve left your facility, that’s a frustrating situation. Why waste precious money for a job that is inconsistent and not up to your standards? After all, many commercial facilities depend on a stellar cleaning to protect their staff and visitors from anything below that can lead to serious consequences.
  2. Lack of communication – The last thing you want is for a water pipe to burst in your building, leading to a flooded bathroom and hallway. In these emergency situations, time is of the essence and you need a cleaning company that can respond quickly and effectively. If you’ve left messages for your current company and get a response days later, imagine the damage that could be done during that time.
  3. Inconsistent pricing – A shift in price for cleaning services should never be a surprise, so when you get a bill with a questionable amount and you don’t get a clear explanation, don’t waste your time.
  4. Poor equipment – You wouldn’t expect a building construction company to use a shovel to dig by hand, so why settle for cleaning equipment that is dated or inefficient? If your cleaning company is not properly maintaining their tools or using the same model as 5 years ago, there’s a big chance that the cleaning results are subpar. Look for a company that is always updating their cleaning technologies to improve their efficacy.
  5. Unprofessional staff – The people performing the cleaning in your buildings are providing an important service and their attitude should reflect professionalism and courtesy. Properly trained staff and swift responses to unexpected situations should be expected, not rude or unprofessional staff.

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