Cleaning Up for the Holidays

Last week, the first snow of the season brought the New England area lots of cheer and was just in time for the holidays! If you’re as busy as Santa may be getting ready for Christmas, your commercial facility may be in need of some extra help.

The following areas are especially hard to keep up with during these busy times, so seek the help of a certified commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc.:

  • Extra visitors? Extra dirt: The end of the year can bring many visitors through your buildings, which means more foot traffic that tracks in more debris, snow, and dirt. Although entrance mats can take care of a lot of it, moisture and smaller particles can get easily trapped in carpet fibers and cracks in hard floors.
  • Decorations stir up dust: If, like many facilities, you’ve created a festive mood through decorations and lights, chances are they’ve been sitting in a storage box for most of the year. Imagine how much dust you’re releasing into the atmosphere as they are taken out of the box. These tiny contaminants can easily negatively affect the indoor air quality, so addressing the extra dust is important for maintaining the health of your workers and visitors.
  • Holiday parties leave messes: Holiday parties are fun and can be a great excuse to relax and socialize within the work environment, but parties often bring food, drinks, and a mess that doesn’t get cleaned up. Sticky soda residue? Leftovers in the fridge? Icing on the carpet? Leave all of that to the expert cleaners to ward off ants, stains, and odor.
  • Cold weather means overworked HVAC units: Brrr it’s certainly cold outside in the New England area, but luckily the heater is on indoors to warm us up! Keeping the HVAC system dust and contaminant-free is the best way to keep heaters efficient and effective!
  • Snowy weather buries exterior: The first snow of the season didn’t bring many inches of snow, but the low temperatures can make for icy and dangerous surfaces outside. Let the pros keep areas clear and shoveled!
  • New England weather brings indoor gloom: New England winters are long and cold, which can take a toll on people’s moods. There can be cases of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, when people spend long hours indoors, so be sure to have windows spotless to let as much natural light in as possible!

Don’t leave for the holidays with a cluttered, unorganized mess. Let New England Cleaning Services, Inc. help you keep your workspace clean and workers happy even when they’re hard at work to finish before the holiday break. If you’re in the eastern Massachusetts area (greater Boston, Metro West, North Shore, South Shore, Watertown) contact our office in Waltham, MA at (781)890-2000 for a free estimate so that you can relax and enjoy the rest of the year!