Advanced Technologies to Fight Cold and Flu Season

How beautiful is the fall season in New England? It’s that time of year when people bundle up in their favorite fall attire with some warm beverage (pumpkin spice latte anyone?) to enjoy the brisk air and colorful foliage. But it’s also when colds and the flu start creeping into our lives and commercial workplaces, including schools, offices, and medical facilities, are all especially vulnerable to germs spreading.

So how can commercial facilities be proactive to prevent sickness during typically long New England falls and winters?

Hire a certified cleaning company that is equipped with the most advanced technologies to regularly clean your facilities!

At New England Cleaning Services, Inc., based in Waltham, MA, we take pride in striving to be a leader in the commercial cleaning industry through highly trained professionals, a wide range of cleaning services, as well as cutting edge technologies.

Here are a few examples of the technologies we use to help deliver the highest quality results for our clients:

  • Tersano’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO): A sustainable alternative to harsh, traditional cleaners, SAO uses technology to convert oxygen to ozone (O3) to create a powerful sanitizer, disinfectant and deodorizer. This eliminates harmful and irritating fumes, chemicals, and odors because the ozone is infused into cold tap water and only leaves a trace of water and oxygen following cleaning. Since SAO is attracted to bacteria, mold and other germs and contaminants, using it in high traffic hot spots can greatly reduce chances of spreading disease. The added perk is that you know you are not contributing to the dumping of harsh chemicals into our environment.
  • GenEon Technologies’ Mist: The Mist is part of disinfecting system that is ideal for large open spaces like offices, medical facilities, schools, laboratories, manufacturing and production facilities. It is a fogger/blower that distributes a non toxic disinfecting solution and has the power to wipe out organic matter, bacteria and other pathogens including Norovirus, MRSA, E. Coli, Hep A, B & C, Staph, TB, and H1N1. The biggest advantage is that this technology eliminates the need for direct contact and is highly efficient.

We feel that with these newest additions to our cleaning equipment, we can arm your facility to help prevent the inevitable cold and flu season from negatively affecting your facility. The most efficient way to accomplish this is to set up routine general cleanings with us. We are also available 24/7 for our clients in case of emergency situations like water leaks and fire damage, or for project services like concrete refinishing and post construction clean up. Please contact our office serving the eastern Massachusetts area, including greater Boston, Metrowest, North Shore, South Shore, Bedford and Lexington. Call us at (781)890-2000 for a free estimate today!