Tips for Moving Your Business

Moving is never an easy process, whether it’s your home or your commercial business. Without organization, the entire procedure can lead to a whole lot of unnecessary stress and work for you and your employees. There are several ways you can help your business transition smoothly from your current to new facility and minimize disruptions in productivity.

Organize: The first step in the moving process is to decide what is actually going to go with you to the new facility. The fewer things that need to be moved, the better, so start with organizing and decluttering as much as possible. Many items can be sold or donated if they still have life in them.

Prepare the new facility: Whether it’s a brand new building or a formerly used facility, it’s important to know for sure that it is 100% clean, safe, and ready to be used. Hiring a certified commercial cleaning company that has expertise in all aspects of cleaning is the most efficient and guaranteed way to prepare your new facility. A company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. can ensure that the following areas are inspected, cleared, cleaned, and sanitized: walls, floors, carpets, upholstery, windows, bathrooms, kitchen and eating areas, controlled environments, sidewalks, ceiling tiles, ducts and vents. A clean, spotless facility will not only brighten your new facility but also boost your employees’ motivation!

Address high rise areas: Many commercial spaces, including manufacturing and production facilities have high rise ceilings that are challenging to clean. Once you move in, it will be even harder to manipulate equipment to reach those high areas that are prone to collecting dust, debris, and other contaminants. Therefore, making a concerted effort to address pipes, ducts, lights, and vents in these difficult to reach areas will be helpful.

Prepare your old building: Don’t forget about your old facility too! Chances are it will have many areas in need of cleaning, especially after the craze of moving the furniture, boxes, and other building supplies. If you’re planning to sell or lease, having a presentable and clean facility is vital for finding the best deal. Did you find coffee stains in the carpet? Dirty grout and tile? Cracked concrete in need of refinishing?

Let New England Cleaning Services, Inc. relieve some of the stresses of a moving by handling all of your cleaning needs for your old and new facilities. Effective, advanced technologies like the disinfecting Mist fogger/blower and project services including pressure washing and post construction cleanup can help your facilities prepare in the most effective, fastest way possible.

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