Fall Commercial Cleaning Benefits

The New England area is starting to see the beautiful changing colors of the fall season, and crisp cool temperatures and all things pumpkin have arrived! As the seasons shift, businesses also see changes as people spend more time indoors and air conditioning switches to heating. In preparation, there are several things businesses can do to ensure their facilities remain safe, clean, and efficient in these cooler months.

  • Being mindful of entranceways – The fall season means beautiful foliage but also a continuous stream of falling leaves which inevitably get blown into entrances along with debris. To maintain a clean entrance to your facility, keep doors and windows closed, and place mats to help prevent tracking of dirt, slush and other debris into the building. Having wet floors can become a safety hazard, so regularly cleaning them will be beneficial in avoiding slip and fall injuries.
  • HVAC cleaning – The change from air conditioning to heating is an opportune time to address the dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants that have built up in the ducts, pipes, and vents during the summer season. A thorough and professional cleaning of these areas, including ceiling light fixtures and fans will not only improve their appearance, but also the indoor air quality, which means a healthier work environment!
  • Keep environment bright and healthy – These cooler months marks the beginning of unwanted illness, including colds, the flu and depression, which can greatly dampen worker productivity. In order to help everyone stay positive and healthy, allow as much natural light into the facility as possible and schedule frequent cleanings to keep those high traffic areas and hot spots germ-free! All it takes is for one sick person to spread disease, so enforcing policies to keep unhealthy people at home will also be beneficial.

If you’re looking for a certified commercial cleaning company to help you achieve these goals, contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc., located in Waltham, MA. For over 40 years, NECS has served a variety of commercial facilities improve and maintain their businesses through high quality cleanings and advanced technologies. Whether you need routine general cleanings, project services or immediate assistance to address emergencies, NECS has the trained professionals and necessary equipment to help! We serve the eastern Massachusetts area, including the greater Boston area, Metrowest Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Woburn and Watertown, so call (781)890-2000 today for a free quote!