Combat Flu Season With Commercial Cleaning

It’s officially fall, which means beautiful foliage across the New England area, pumpkins galore, and perfect weather for outings. However, it also means cold and flu season looms in the distance, waiting to infect up to 20% of the American population. Although we can’t do anything about the cold New England winter approaching, we can be proactive about preventing sickness in the workplace. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is here to support your commercial facility to battle this year’s cold and flu season!

Keep these tips in mind to keep everyone illness-free:

  • Address high touch areas where germs are likely to spread such as door handles, keyboards, shared surfaces, and phones. Viruses and other germs can remain on surfaces for long periods of time!
  • Keep indoor air quality high through HVAC system cleaning, including high ceiling ducts and vents, as well as through ceiling fan and wall cleaning. Poor indoor air quality can exacerbate health conditions and prolong recovery time.
  • Get carpets and upholstery They can trap lots of dust, debris and germs!
  • Have floors, especially high traffic areas, cleaned frequently to minimize dirt and allergens entering the facility.
  • Give reminders to vaccinate, wash hands frequently and keep personal areas organized to limit sharing of germs.
  • Have strict sickness policies to discourage workers from coming to work sick and spreading illness.
  • Contact New England Cleaning Services, Inc. to set up routine general cleanings for your executive office space, medical facility, controlled environment, or manufacturing and production facility!

With over 40 years of experience in the commercial cleaning field, we know what it takes to maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone. Our highly trained staff can address general cleanings, emergencies and restoration, and other project services to suit your cleaning needs. We use the most advanced technologies for effectiveness and efficiency and are committed to maintaining positive long-lasting relationships with our clients. Contact our Waltham, MA office for more information or a free quote today! Our services span across the New England area, including the eastern Massachusetts area of Metrowest Boston, North Shore, South Shore, Watertown and Woburn.