Floor Cleaning the Right Way

Commercial facilities use all types of surfaces for their floors to best serve their purposes: cozy carpets for an inviting space, hardwood floors for a professional look, tiles for bathrooms, antistatic floors for controlled environments. No matter what kind of flooring your facility has, it is important to maintain them properly. For most, it takes more than a mop or vacuum to keep them clean. A certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. (NECS) can show you the best way to tackle your floors!



Your carpets may look clean, but if you could see all of the germs, dust, debris and other contaminants lodged into the fibers of your carpeting, you’d change your mind in an instant. A simple office vacuum is not going to get rid of the small particles that could be affecting your indoor air quality and consequently, the health of your workers. NECS uses advanced techniques and equipment like low moisture carpet shampooing and HEPA filter vacuums to dramatically change the appearance of your carpets.


Tiles & Grout

Tiles are standard flooring in bathrooms, kitchen areas, hospitals and laboratories and can take a beating from lots of foot traffic. Grouts are notorious for trapping all kinds of debris and bacteria and can quickly become discolored. However, cleaning grouts is a tedious and time consuming task, so it often gets neglected. With the right equipment and training, NECS can transform your dingy tiles and restore them to a brighter, cleaner space.



The professional and warm visual of hardwood floors is hard to beat, which is why many facilities choose to have them. However, without proper cleaning and maintenance, these floors can quickly become dull and damaged. Having a professional crew regularly clean with powerful but safe and eco-friendly cleaners will help eliminate dust and other debris without damaging your floors, and also improve their longevity.



Concrete is a very popular type of flooring that is cheap, safe, and easy to clean. However, that does not mean an old mop and bucket is all it needs. NECS ensures that concrete floors are properly maintained and refinished if necessary using powerful grinders, burnishers, polishes, and HEPA vacuums.


With the variety of floorings a single commercial facility may have, it can be challenging to know how to properly clean and maintain all of them. With help from a certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc., you can trust that all of your floors will be taken care of in a safe and sustainable fashion. Our professional and well trained staff can assist you on general cleanings, emergency and restoration, as well as project services such as upholstery cleaning and concrete refinishings. Our clients, who span across the eastern Massachusetts area, receive 24/7 support and we take pride in maintaining long-lasting, positive relationships with them. Please contact us at our Waltham, MA office at (781) 890-2000 today!