Floor Cleaning the Right Way

Commercial facilities use all types of surfaces for their floors to best serve their purposes: cozy carpets for an inviting space, hardwood floors for a professional look, tiles for bathrooms, antistatic floors for controlled environments. No matter what kind of flooring your facility has, it is important to maintain them properly. For most, it takes […]

When You Need a Commercial Cleaning Company

No one wants to think about the summer ending, but for many businesses, it is an important time to reenergize and consider new ways to make them better. One aspect of improving a business is to evaluate the cleanliness of its facilities since the health of workers is dependent on a sanitary and clean work […]

Prepare Schools With Commercial Cleaning

As summer is slowly coming to an end, the start of a new school year is probably on many people‚Äôs minds. For students, returning to a school environment is full of excitement as they make new friends, connections, and explore the campus. Educational institutions are responsible for providing a safe and clean environment that fosters […]

Professional Lab Cleaning

A laboratory is a unique facility that requires extra attention to detail and cleanliness in order to ensure that specialized equipment and research operates smoothly. Laboratories typically use a variety of materials and chemicals that require specialized handling, and leaving the space unclean can lead to hazardous situations. The best laboratories have certified commercial cleaning […]

Where Germs Hide

When it comes to cleaning your commercial facility, there are productive ways to accomplish the cleaning, and there are less effective ways. When you are dealing with a space so large that at times serves hundreds of people, it can be challenging to address every single issue. As a result, often only the obvious areas […]