How Clean Are the Bathrooms in Your Facility?

No one enjoys having to use public bathrooms, especially if you think about how many people are using it in a single day. Unlike the one in your home, which you know is clean and healthy as long as you are a diligent cleaner, bathrooms in commercial facilities require extra attention to sanitation and cleanliness to prevent the spread of unwanted sickness and germs. At New England Cleaning Services, Inc. you can trust that our well-trained staff and advanced cleaning technologies can help your facility maintain a high standard of health and cleanliness!


Did you know?

  • Up to 3,200 bacteria per square inch can be found on toilet seats!
  • 94% of adults report that they would avoid a business if they encounter a dirty restroom.
  • Over 50% of students reported that their educational institution did not do enough for maintaining bathroom hygiene on campus.
  • Within an hour of normal bathroom use, 500,000 bacterial cells per square inch can be found on bathroom surfaces!


Despite the fact that a healthy individual is unlikely to contract a serious illness from using a public bathroom in an office space or school, the image of a business can be quickly changed for the worse if someone encounters a bathroom that is foul smelling, unkempt or visibly dirty. For a healthcare facility like a medical office or hospital, risks for disease transmission can be higher for people who are immunocompromised.


No matter what type of facility, it is clear that properly maintaining a hygienic restroom facility is of utmost importance for the health of workers and visitors so it is crucial to have a professional cleaning company that is experienced in all aspects of commercial cleaning to help!


Let us help!

New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is a local, family owned business based in Waltham, MA that has expertise in specialized cleanings for commercial facilities since 1977. NECS uses efficient but environmentally conscious cleaning products that are Green Seal certified, and advanced technologies such as Tersano’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) to eliminate the need for harmful chemicals to clean, sanitize, and deodorize surfaces. From restocking and daily cleanings to project services like tile grout cleaning, we take care of all aspects of maintaining a clean bathroom, as well as the rest of your facility.


Our services span across the eastern Massachusetts area, including Watertown and Woburn, MA, as well as the entire New England area for concrete refinishing. For general cleanings, project services, or emergency and restoration of your executive office, industrial facility, or medical facility, contact us today for a free quote at (781)890-2000!