Preparing for Summer Cleaning

Spring cleaning seems to take center stage when it comes to seasonal cleanings, but each season brings about unique challenges that need to be addressed. As we prepare for the warm summer season, it is important to reassess your commercial facility and pay particular attention to vulnerable areas to keep germs and debris afar. Warmer weather means faster growth and spread of germs, and perhaps a lull in motivation as workers look forward to summer getaways, so staying on top of your facility is essential in maintaining a healthy workplace.

Follow these tips:

Address floors

Even though the New England winter is over and you don’t have to worry about tracking of salt residue or snow, dirt and debris from the outdoors can still make their way into your facility if proper measures aren’t taken. Protecting high traffic areas with mats, and having all floors cleaned professionally can help reduce the spread of germs.

Keep shared food areas clean

When you open a fridge in a shared break room or kitchen, it shouldn’t look like a scientific experiment. Doing regular clean outs of the refrigerator and addressing leftovers from office parties and events right away will greatly reduce contaminated food that can make people sick.

Clean your HVAC system

Air conditioning will become essential in the hot, summer months, so have vents, ducts, and pipes professionally cleaned to ensure those areas are free of dust, allergens, and other contaminants that mostly likely have been trapped. Cleaning your HVAC system will also ensure a healthier environment for your workers, which means smoother and more productive operations.

Plan cleaning projects

Depending on your business, summer can provide more time and opportunities to work on deep cleaning and maintenance projects that have been ignored and piling up. Many professional cleaning companies can help with project services as well as general cleaning services.

Trying to manage a commercial facility’s cleanliness can become stressful and time-consuming, so hire a certified commercial cleaning company to help! New England Cleaning Services, Inc., based in Waltham, MA is a local, family-operated business that helps commercial facilities with general cleanings, emergency and restoration, specialized controlled environment cleanings, as well as project services all across the eastern Massachusetts area. Whether you need immediate help for emergencies like water leaks or need regular cleanings for your executive office space, medical facility, or industrial building, we have highly trained professionals and advanced equipment to achieve high quality cleaning. Please contact us for a free quote by calling (781)890-2000 today!