Preparing for Summer Cleaning

Spring cleaning seems to take center stage when it comes to seasonal cleanings, but each season brings about unique challenges that need to be addressed. As we prepare for the warm summer season, it is important to reassess your commercial facility and pay particular attention to vulnerable areas to keep germs and debris afar. Warmer […]

How Clean Are Your Carpets?

It is easy to tell when a hard surface flooring needs some TLC and cleaning, but what about carpeting? Many commercial businesses do not recognize the importance of keeping all types of floors clean in order to maintain a productive and healthy work environment. Find out what could be lurking in your carpets and get […]

Why High Rise Cleaning is Important

Cleaning floors and carpets and eye-level surfaces are easy to accomplish, but what about ceilings, windows and walls that are way beyond reach? For many manufacturing and production facilities, high-rise ceilings are the norm to accommodate large machinery, and often these areas can get neglected. You may think that no one really looks up or […]

Commercial Cleaning for Windows

There are many factors that go into answering questions that start with “How often should I…” and it is no different for commercial cleaning. If you are looking to achieve a clean, professional image for your commercial facility, it is important to incorporate regular cleanings for your windows.   To answer “How often should I […]