Spring Cleaning 101

Spring is officially here! Although we experienced a snowstorm just a few weeks ago, it is the time when we start to see glimpses of spring. Many companies are no doubt looking forward to making snow shovels, salt, and slushy tracking a thing of the past and starting to plan their spring-cleaning projects. Spring-cleaning typically addresses areas that need attention after the long New England winter. Follow these tips for a smooth clean!

  1. Exterior: The snow, salt, and resulting slush can result in a dingy, dirty exterior, so one of the easiest ways to give your building a fresh look is to clean pavements, walls, windows, parking areas and roofs. Pressure washing can immediately improve the image of your facility!
  2. Carpets: The amount of dirt and debris that is tracked into your building increases immensely during the winter months, so it is important to give your carpets a deep cleaning and address any stains or high traffic areas.
  3. High ceiling: Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to get to those hard to reach areas like light fixtures, ducts, vents and pipes that easily accumulates dust and other contaminants. Cleaning these areas can greatly improve the indoor air quality and health of everyone in your facility.
  4. Shared spaces: Give bathrooms, kitchen areas, conference rooms, and other areas that many people use special attention to minimize the spread of germs and get a renewed look. That includes all surface areas, appliances, and upholstery that may have gone unnoticed.

Taking on spring cleaning by yourself can be an overwhelming endeavor, so get professional cleaning help from New England Cleaning Services, Inc.! We help commercial facilities like executive office buildings, medical facilities and manufacturing and production facilities with a variety of cleaning needs, whether it’s specific project services, general cleanings, controlled environments, concrete refinishing, or emergency and restoration services. Our highly trained staff uses advanced equipment and offers 24/7 client support for our clients across the New England area, including the greater Boston area and Watertown, MA. Call our Waltham office at (781)890-2000 for a free quote!