Protecting Your Facility From Water Damage

An important aspect of managing a commercial facility is to be able to prevent and address emergency situations like water damage effectively. Water damage can quickly disrupt operations and create a need for extensive repairs if not properly addressed. Find out how you can take steps to protect your facility!

  1. Inspect your property regularly: You can minimize the risks for water damage by following a regular inspection routine of all parts of your building, including roofs, plumbing, walls, and windows that are susceptible to water leaks and natural disasters. Check for signs of moisture, need for repairs and inspect the grounds for areas with drainage issues.
  2. Maintain heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems: A HVAC system is a complex system that maintains a comfortable environment for your workers. If it is not properly maintained, excess humidity can build up, creating higher risk for water damage.
  3. Have a plan: Acting quickly is extremely important in the case of a water emergency. Be prepared by having a list of emergency contacts that include a certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. that responds to emergency cleanups and restorations 24/7. There should also be a guideline for all staff that outlines the location of water, electric, and gas shutoff valves and appropriate procedures to keep records, other important documents and equipment protected.

In the case of a water leak, you want a reliable and experienced company to handle the water cleanup. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is a certified cleaning company based in Waltham, MA with expertise in commercial cleaning. We serve the eastern Massachusetts area including Lexington and serve all areas of the New England area for concrete refinishing. We use advanced technologies to safely and effectively address emergencies so that your facility can be restored to working order as quickly as possible. Our services include general cleanings, project services, and emergency restorations for a variety of commercial facilities like executive office spaces, medical facilities, and manufacturing and production buildings. Please contact us for a free quote today at (781) 890-2000!