Where Germs Lurk in Your Office

Did you know that sickness can cost businesses up to $250 billion each year? Especially in the New England area, the cold and flu season can take a large toll on a company’s productivity. Find out the top areas where germs can lurk and let a certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. help you increase work productivity through a healthier workplace!

People are reminded to wash hands and efforts are exerted on maintaining sanitary conditions in the bathroom, but other areas can become thriving grounds for germs.

  1. Phones – If you work in an office space, a large part of communication can involve your phone. The danger is that they can be shared and are held close to mouths, where many germs and bacteria can be transferred.
  2. Desk – You spend much more time at your desk than in a bathroom throughout the day. Despite washing hands after going to the bathroom, the average desk can have 400 times the amount of germs of a bathroom, so transmission of illnesses can continue.
  3. Keyboards – These days computers are essential parts of a productive workday, but are often forgotten. The crevices can become reservoirs for germs as well as food and other debris.
  4. Chairs – Any time you get up or even visit other stations, chances are you are touching a chair, which is an opportunity for germs to transfer.

Regularly wiping down all of these common areas for germs can greatly reduce the chances of transmission in an office space so remind your employees to keep their working areas clean and organized.

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