Professional Cleaning for Your Tile & Grout

It’s common to clean tile floors in your commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and entrance areas regularly, but how often do you clean the grout? Tiles are fairly easy to clean as the smooth surface allows for dirt and grime to come off easily, but the rough and porous grout tends to trap debris and takes more effort to clean.

If your grout is looking dingy and gross, it’s time to get help from the certified cleaning professionals at New England Cleaning Services, Inc.!

  • Grout tends to be cement-based, which means it is rough and porous. Over time, dirt and liquids can seep in, making it vulnerable to stains and damage to the surrounding tiles.
  • The cleanliness of grout can make a big difference in appearance, especially if you have light-colored tiles. Clean grout can leave a positive and professional impression.
  • The amount of foot traffic that passes through shared areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and entranceways can quickly make grout a breeding ground for bacteria and germs, which can quicken damage to the grout and tiles.
  • The advanced tools that a cleaning company uses cleans grout more effectively and quickly than using a sponge or brush and ensures that all tough stains are removed. The advantage is also not having to worry about having the proper (and often expensive) cleaning tools!
  • Having an employee clean the grout of a tile floor can take away precious time. Hire a certified cleaning company for less stress, less time, and more productive employees!

Grout may seem trivial compared to other areas of your commercial facility, but its regular maintenance can help improve appearance and prevent tile damage down the road.

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