Keeping Your Gym Clean

The beginning of the year is a popular time for people to start exercising, so if you have a gym or fitness center at your facility, now is the time to ensure that you can provide a safe, clean and healthy place to get into shape! New England Cleaning Service, Inc. is a certified cleaning company that can help!

How can a professional cleaning company help?

Gyms require extra attention and detail when it comes to sanitation and a healthy, clean image. For the safety of users and workers, it is essential that the cleaning is of high quality and that all areas of the gym, including reception areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, and equipment are regularly cleaned and sanitized.

  • A certified cleaning company has staff that undergoes extensive training in order to fully comprehend all aspects of maintaining a healthy and clean facility.
  • Having a professional company handle your cleaning takes away the need for workers to take time away from their work day and removes the burden and stress of organizing and conducting cleans yourself.
  • A cleaning company uses the most advanced tools and supplies available in the industry, so you will get consistent high quality results. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is Green Seal certified, which ensures effective results with minimal environmental impact.
  • Staff are equipped to address germ “hot spots” such as bathrooms, machinery and changing areas to prevent the spread of bacteria and mold.
  • Professional cleaning companies can handle a variety of project services such as carpet and furniture cleaning, exterior cleaning, high dusting, and all types of floor care.

A clean gym ensures that workers are healthy, happy, and motivated, so finding a certified cleaning company that delivers high quality results and values client relationships is essential. New England Cleaning Services, Inc., based in Waltham, MA, has expertise in all areas of commercial cleaning and serves Metro West Boston, North Shore, South Shore, and the greater Boston area. We offer general cleanings, emergency and restoration services, cleaning for controlled environments and project services. Call (781) 890-2000 for a free quote!