A Clean Environment for Children

Have you ever wondered how clean a daycare really is? When many children and adults play and interact in a close environment, it is easy for germs and illnesses to spread. But daycares are unique environments where parents trust caretakers to tend to their children with the utmost care, so it is important to ensure that everyone’s health and safety are protected.

Providing a clean and safe space is important because it:

  • Creates a positive impression for parents and visitors
  • Keeps children and adults protected from germs, dust, and other contaminants
  • Reduces sickness for children and caretakers
  • Provides an organized and healthy area for children to learn and play

How can a certified cleaning company help?

A professional company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc.:

  • Provides cleanings of all types of flooring, carpeting, and surfaces
  • Addresses high traffic and touch areas to eliminate bacteria and other germs
  • Uses advanced techniques and equipment like HEPA filter vacuums to perform highly efficient cleanings
  • Has highly trained staff for all types of cleaning needs
  • Uses Green Seal certified products to ensure child and environmental safety

When it comes to protecting the health of children, you don’t want to cut corners or try to do it yourself. You can save time, energy and stress of cleaning by hiring a certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. Located in Waltham, MA, NECS has been serving the eastern Massachusetts area since 1977 with all areas of commercial cleaning, including general cleanings, emergency restorations, controlled environments, as well as a variety of project services like concrete refinishing and snow plowing.

Whether you have an executive office space, manufacturing and production facility, or a medical facility or controlled environment, NECS has extensive experience and advanced tools to address your needs. We offer 24/7 client support and pride ourselves on long-term customer relationships. Please visit our website or contact us for a free quote by calling (781) 890-2000 today!