5 Ways to Protect Floors from Salt and Snow

The New England area is already seeing snowfall, which may be a welcomed wintery scene to many, or a nuisance and challenge to those managing commercial businesses. With snowfall comes the need for keeping areas around buildings clear, which is most often accomplished through the use of salts like sodium chloride and calcium chloride. When these salts are tracked into the interiors of buildings, they can form a residue and quickly damage floors and carpets.

So what can businesses do to protect their floors?

  1. Use entrance mats – Prevention is key in all things cleaning related, so placing mats in high traffic areas such as entryways and hallways are ways to reduce tracking of salt and snow into the building.
  2. Use salt properly – Make sure sidewalks are completely clear of snow before placing salt down. Excessive use of salt will make it less effective and lead to tracking indoors, so use sparingly.
  3. Remove salt accordingly – Once snow has melted, do not let the salt sit outside and instead sweep the leftovers up.
  4. Increase regular cleanings – Hiring a certified commercial cleaning company to clean your floors regularly will help prevent damage to floors and carpets.
  5. Address salt damage – A commercial cleaning company can help remove salt residue, stains, and moisture from carpets or floors.

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