Preventing Sickness In the Workplace

One of the biggest priorities for a business is to ensure that the happiness and health of their staff is at the highest level possible to create a productive and positive workplace. But with cold and flu season approaching, preventing cross contamination in a crowded work environment can prove to be difficult and often results in lowered productivity. One way to combat and prevent illness is to hire a commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. (NECS) to maintain your facility.

How can a professional cleaning company help?

  • NECS uses the most advanced supplies and equipment available in the cleaning industry, so whatever cleaning you may have done in the past can be done more quickly and effectively, which saves your company both time and effort. We also use Green Seal products, which ensure minimal environmental impact despite a strong, effective cleaning.
  • We pay particular attention to “hot spots,” which are areas that have especially high risk for cross contamination. Think doorknobs, keyboards, eating areas, light switches, bathrooms, and conference rooms that are used by a large number of workers.
  • We address indoor air quality to reduce bacteria and sickness caused by allergens and other contaminants. We can reach hard to reach areas like high ducts, lighting and pipes that often are filled with dust and mold.

With regular cleanings, we can improve the look and cleanliness of your facility and protect the health of your workers. Hiring a professional certified company like NECS also gives you access to 24/7 client support for emergency situations like water leaks and fire damage in addition to a variety of project services that can further improve your facility. We clean executive office spaces, medical facilities, controlled environments, as well as manufacturing and production facilities, many of which have required high cleaning standards. We service a wide area including the greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, North Shore and South Shore, and offer concrete refinishing across the New England area. Contact our Waltham office at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote today!