Benefits of Floor Waxing

Before floors are damaged by the New England winter, now is a good time to ensure that your floors are in good working condition. There are many benefits to having your floors stripped, cleaned, and waxed by a certified commercial cleaning company so that you can achieve a clean, lasting finish.

  • Cleanliness – when it comes to a facility that occupies many workers, maintaining a clean environment is very important for health, moral, and productivity. Having waxed floors prevents scratches and stains and makes it easier to clean.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – a shiny glossy floor is a way to present a professional look and positive impression on those that walk through your facility.
  • Durability – regularly maintaining your floors through waxing will prevent dust and grime from settling in and will protect floors from heavy foot traffic and salt from the streets in the winter. This added layer of protection will increase the longevity of the floors.
  • Prevent moisture – New England in the fall and winter can be wet, snowy and cold, which brings ample opportunity for damage to floors. Keeping them waxed will prevent bubbling and other damage by keeping moisture out, which also makes cleaning easier.

Having an experienced, professional team from a certified cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. will ensure that your floors will be treated with high quality care and the most advanced technologies in the field. From concrete refinishing and general cleanings to emergencies and project services, we can meet whatever cleaning need you have. We service a wide area including greater Boston, Metro West Boston, North Shore and South Shore with our office located in Waltham, MA. Contact us for a free quote today by calling (781) 890-2000!