Professional Carpet Cleaning Benefits

No matter how clean your commercial facility may look, the presence of stained and dirty carpets can instantly make a space look unsanitary. For places like an executive office space or educational institution, it is important to have your carpets deep cleaned by a professional cleaning company in order to maintain a positive image. Before […]

Benefits of Floor Waxing

Before floors are damaged by the New England winter, now is a good time to ensure that your floors are in good working condition. There are many benefits to having your floors stripped, cleaned, and waxed by a certified commercial cleaning company so that you can achieve a clean, lasting finish. Cleanliness – when it […]

Preventing Mold Growth

Now that the hot summer days are over, it is an ideal time to do a thorough cleaning of your commercial facility. One of the most common problems that facilities encounter is the presence of mold, which can quickly proliferate. It is especially important to have a certified cleaning company assess and address catastrophes like […]