Preventing Dirty Floors

Having clean floors can change the impression of a space dramatically, whether it’s an executive office space, educational institution, controlled environment or manufacturing and production facility. Although a thorough cleaning once floors are dirty gets the job done, preventing the floors from getting dirty in the first place can be a more efficient and productive […]

Benefits of Concrete Refinishing

Are your concrete floors cracked, dirty, and dull and in need of a clean, polished look? Concrete is a very economical and safe choice of flooring and is used popularly in commercial buildings such as executive office spaces, manufacturing and production facilities, and life science buildings. Many are tempted to entirely remove and install new […]

Dangers of Mold

We all know that mold is a sign of a moisture problem, but how much do you know about the effects of mold on our health? One important task of commercial cleaning companies like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. is to address situations concerning moisture, such as during water leaks. During this process, mold prevention […]

Professional Upholstery Cleaning

An important part of your facility’s appearance is the furniture. For settings like executive office spaces and medical facilities where high volumes of people come and go, it may not take long for upholstery to start looking a bit dingy and worn. Contrast to hard surfaces that are easier to clean and maintain, furniture can […]