Importance of Cleaning Educational Institutions

The cleanliness of an educational institution plays an important role in the health of the many students, visitors, and staff who work there, and has been studied and linked to the academic success of students. With such high traffic areas in many parts of the educational buildings, it is no surprise that there is great emphasis and care placed on the cleanliness and appearance of the facilities to minimize negative effects on health. In order to ensure that germs, debris, allergens and other health hazards are eradicated, it is highly beneficial for institutions to hire professional certified commercial cleaning companies like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. to maintain and clean their facilities.

We Can Handle it All

New England Cleaning Services, Inc., based in Waltham, MA, is a cleaning company that is prepared to regularly clean and maintain all types of facilities within an educational institution, such as classrooms, cafeterias, dormitories, and gyms, and also address any specific issues that arise. Educational institutions are hotbeds for germs and allergens, so it is essential to have the necessary equipment that can handle such high traffic areas. Our skilled and trained professionals can clean all types of flooring, as well as furniture, vents, windows, and uses advanced equipment like HEPA filter vacuums to ensure the highest cleaning efficiency.

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If cleanliness is proven to affect productivity, it is in everyone’s best interest to regularly maintain and clean all facilities. New England Cleaning Services, Inc. serves the greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, North Shore and South Shore and provides a range of cleaning services, from general cleanings, controlled environment cleanings, to emergency and restoration services for unexpected incidents, as well as project services like pressure washing and concrete refinishing. We also clean production and manufacturing sites, medical facilities, and executive office spaces. Please contact us or call our office at (781) 890-2000 to request a free quote!