Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

Believe it or not, the cleanliness of windows of a facility can have a great impact on first impressions. No matter how pristine inside, a cloudy, dirty window of an office building or medical facility can leave people doubtful of what’s inside. That is why having a professional cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, […]

Importance of Cleaning Educational Institutions

The cleanliness of an educational institution plays an important role in the health of the many students, visitors, and staff who work there, and has been studied and linked to the academic success of students. With such high traffic areas in many parts of the educational buildings, it is no surprise that there is great […]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

When it comes to where you eat, your impression of the cooking and eating area is key to your dining experience. A visibly dirty or unsanitary kitchen can lead to losing business, increase in food-borne illnesses and injuries for the workers. That is why it is important for facilities to regularly maintain and clean their […]