Cleaning Controlled Environments

If you have a facility that houses controlled environments or cleanrooms, regular cleaning is an essential part of maintenance. Controlled environments are common in the medical, scientific research, and manufacturing fields and are unique environments that require controlled temperatures, pressurization, humidity, and separation from other areas. Cleanrooms are classified into different ISO classes depending on the level of contamination that is allowed per cubic meter. With each level having specific sets of cleaning standards to deal with highly sensitive environments, having an experienced and trained team of cleaning professionals is extremely important.

At New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, we regularly maintain and clean many types of controlled environments and cleanrooms (through ISO class 8). Not only do we perform routine cleanings for these controlled environments, such as surgical suites, but we also provide antistatic floor maintenance, restoration services, biowaste handling, incubator cleaning, and provide facilities with cleaning supplies such as containment control mats and emergency air filtration systems in response to appropriate situations.

Our staff is heavily trained and prepared for all types of situations at our training facility in Waltham, MA. Not only do they learn about detailed cleaning techniques, but they also become familiarized with potential hazards and safety standards of all potential client facilities. We use advanced technology well recognized in the commercial cleaning industry, especially for cleaning controlled environments, including vacuums with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration, and also use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), microfiber mops and wipes to minimize contamination.

Whether your controlled environment or cleanroom needs regular maintenance or has an unexpected contamination, New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ has the expertise and equipment to help! We serve all of eastern Massachusetts including the greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, South Shore and North Shore. We provide general cleaning services, as well as emergency, restoration, project services, and 24/7 client support. If you are looking for a high quality cleaning service to fulfill your facility’s cleaning needs, please contact us or call us at (781) 890-2000 for a free quote!