Cleaning Medical Facilities

When you think of medical facilities, usually you think of sanitary, immaculate places that protect and care for people with all types of medical conditions. When so many people with compromised immune systems gather in a concentrated area, a significant responsibility for the facility is to provide a safe and clean space, free of airborne […]

The Process of Concrete Refinishing

When you think of concrete, you may think of sidewalks, driveways, and large industrial spaces, but it is actually a popular and versatile flooring for indoor spaces as well. It is inexpensive, environmentally-friendly, easy to maintain, and can last a long time, so many facilities are choosing concrete as their flooring. Refinishing concrete floors in […]

Post-Construction Cleanup

Now that the cold New England winter is behind us, many facilities are revving up their renovation and construction projects. When these projects are done, the best way to show off the valuable work done is through a thorough post-construction cleanup by a professional cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc. Who would want […]

Importance of Bathroom Cleaning

Everyone has experienced walking into a bathroom that was unclean, smelly and littered that left you feeling like you were covered in germs. The truth is, bathrooms can be one of the most unsanitary areas and can be a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, germs, and viruses like rotavirus, parasites, E. coli and […]

Cleaning Controlled Environments

If you have a facility that houses controlled environments or cleanrooms, regular cleaning is an essential part of maintenance. Controlled environments are common in the medical, scientific research, and manufacturing fields and are unique environments that require controlled temperatures, pressurization, humidity, and separation from other areas. Cleanrooms are classified into different ISO classes depending on […]