Spring Cleaning for Carpets

Spring is a wonderful opportunity to get some serious cleaning done. It’s easy to focus on the obvious clutter and other surfaces, but it is also important to evaluate how your carpet is doing. Unlike hard surfaces, carpets tend to accumulate dirt, bacteria, dust, and other allergens with little detection. After a long New England winter with snow, which means a lot of salt residue, your carpet will appreciate a thorough cleaning! There are several steps involved in carpet cleaning:

  1. Removing soil – Before a deeper clean using detergents or other chemicals, it is important to first remove as much debris as possible with a vacuum.
  2. Soil suspension – During this process, cleaning agents and machinery are used to agitate the soil to allow separation from the carpet fibers so that they can be extracted. Temperature, agitation, the cleaning agents used, and the amount of time spent on soil suspension are all important aspects of the process that can affect cleaning efficiency.
  3. Extraction – The removal of the soil suspension can be performed in a variety of ways. In bonnet cleaning, an absorbent pad is used for extraction, while a wet or dry vacuum may be used for processes like dry powder or dry foam cleaning.
  4. Drying – The method of cleaning determines the amount of time it takes for drying to occur. For low moisture processes like bonnet, dry powder and dry foam cleaning, carpet fibers can dry within 2 hours. For wet processes like hot water extractions, drying can take much longer.

When it’s time to give your carpet a fresh clean look, you need experienced and skilled technicians to perform the cleaning so that you ensure a safe, fast, and effective process. At New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, we provide not only general cleaning services, but also emergency and restoration cleaning and maintenance for controlled environments as well as project services that include concrete floor refinishing. We service a wide population that includes greater Boston, Metrowest Boston, the North shore and South shore. For a free estimate or inquiry, please contact us or call our Waltham office today at (781) 890-2000!