What It Means to Be Green Seal Certified

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd, which is a wonderful opportunity to have discussions about the importance of environmental awareness, sustainability, and finding ways to keep our planet as green and healthy as possible. As a commercial cleaning company, it is extremely important for us at New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ to use the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable green products that cause the most minimal environmental impact. That is why we provide all of our clients with the Green Service Program at no additional cost.

Included in our Green Service Program is the guarantee that all of the products we use are Green Seal certified. Green Seal is a non-profit organization that certifies products and companies using science-based rigorous criteria to promote sustainability and protect nature and human health. Having a Green Seal certification means that we as a company are committed to the sustainable health of our environment and people we serve.

Green Seal certification is a rigorous process with sets of criteria that have been verified through peer-reviewed research. That means there is real evidence that Green Seal certified products lead to less environmental damage than non-certified products. Our products improve the environment by reducing toxic waste production, ozone depletion and other damaging effects, and they also protect the health of the people who work in the facilities, which include patients in hospitals and young children in the educational institutions we clean.

There are many companies that claim to be environmentally responsible but unless they have a Green Seal certification, you are left without evidence to guarantee sustainable services. If you need general cleaning services, emergency and restoration services, cleaning for controlled facilities like hospitals and laboratories, or project services like power washing or concrete refinishing, New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ uses high quality products and equipment to clean your facility. We serve the greater Boston area, Metro West Boston, North Shore and South Shore, so if you are looking for a company with extensive cleaning experience, please contact us or call our Waltham office at (781) 890-2000 for a free estimate!