Spring Cleaning for Your Commercial Building

Spring-cleaning is a yearly tradition and opportunity to revitalize your facility’s appearance and cleanliness. With so much clutter and debris that accumulated over the winter, it may be overwhelming to think of where to start! At New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, we provide the greater Boston area with high quality cleaning no matter where you […]

Spring Cleaning for Carpets

Spring is a wonderful opportunity to get some serious cleaning done. It’s easy to focus on the obvious clutter and other surfaces, but it is also important to evaluate how your carpet is doing. Unlike hard surfaces, carpets tend to accumulate dirt, bacteria, dust, and other allergens with little detection. After a long New England […]

3 Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleaning

A sign of a good business or facility is its attention to cleanliness. There are many advantages of hiring a professional commercial cleaning company like New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, who not only performs general cleanings of office spaces, production facilities, controlled environments, and medical facilities, but also offers project and emergency and restoration services. […]