Stone Refinishing

Here at New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™, we provide high quality commercial cleaning services to a wide range of facilities such as hospitals, office spaces, manufacturing facilities, controlled environments, and educational institutions. Aside from the wide array of commercial cleaning, we also provide project services, which include tile and stone refinishing.

Many buildings have tile, porcelain, concrete, marble, and granite flooring installed. Over the years, these surfaces can become worn and appear dull from scratches, dirt, and stains. One way to bring back the original shine is to perform stone refinishing.

During Stone refinishing, there are four basic steps:

  • Grinding – This step removes lippage (unevenness) and scratches to create a smooth flat surface.
  • Honing – This step is less aggressive than grinding but still provides a smoother surface and removes scratches, commonly by using diamond abrasives. Since this process also achieves a flat surface and diminishes marks and scratches, sometimes honing is used as the first step in the refinishing process.
  • Polishing – After polishing with fine abrasive powders or diamond discs, the stone surface will regain its shine and reflective quality.
  • Sealing – Once the floor is polished, a protective sealant may be applied to prevent contaminants from entering the surface again and to maintain the brightness and color of the stones.

Tile and stone care is just one of many of the services we offer, so please explore our website to view our extensive list of services. Our dedicated and skilled team of highly-trained workers serve the greater Boston area and provide 24/7 customer care support for all of our clients, many of whom have been with us for over 25 years. Whether you are looking for regular, scheduled cleanings of your facility, concrete or stone refinishing, or need an emergency cleanup or restoration, New England Cleaning Services, Inc.™ has the experience and equipment to assist you! If you are interested in any of our services or have any inquiries, please contact us online or call our Waltham office at (781) 890-2000.